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We live in an anti-Christian culture. Its impact is seen in all areas of our society. The culture effectively promotes its agenda through the power, persuasion and conversation of the electronic media—Internet, cable T.V., cell phone and various printed media.

The secular culture has hijacked the American family—including many Christians—through the unrelenting presence of the electronic media. Sadly, the Christian home no longer gives God center stage. Instead, the secular media has been allowed to upstage God as the main attraction. God is regulated to on call: “We’ll call you when we need you.” He has been disrobed as King, and the secular media has assumed the throne. Evangelicalism has been emptied of its desire and power to reorder the conversation—the glory of God is more to be embraced and delighted in than the glories of the secular culture. We must rediscover the centrality of god in all of life: personal, home, community, and nation. It may be that we need to “rediscover” the living fountain rather than trying to quench our thirst from the cisterns we have dug that can hold no water.

Gerald Cornelius

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