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The Abiding Will of God

There are two words being noised abroad in the culture, especially by political candidates of one sort or another. Those two words are "conservative values." Those words are spoken as if they have the same eternal value as God's word, at least some seem to see them on a similar authoritative level. There is a vast difference, however, between the conservative, or any values of men, and the unchanging, unalterable will of God. Though some may be valid, men masquerade their values as God's in order that they may have validity, and the prevailing culture will look to them as the standards to live by. Only God's values are perfect, unquestionable, and abiding. Only God's biblical ethics are absolutely authoritative. The Church must bear responsibility for not making the obvious differences known, and more important, to make the culture aware of God's moral ethics. Many simply do not know what God requires--even many church goers. Therefore they have nothing to compare man's values with so they can know where to draw the line, and be able to determine where a believer must take his or her stand. The Church must announce God's will at whatever cost and not play the role of coward facing the giant, rather, she must be a David challenging the mighty opponents of God's eternal will whoever or wherever they may be.

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