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The Glass House

We Citizens of planet earth live in a glass house. Our homes may have walls that our neighbors cannot see through; our thoughts may be hidden behind our silence. Our sinful actions may be done in the darkness or secluded place. Yet, everything we say or do--all our secret thoughts, every impure imagination, is clearly seen and known by one being--the Creator God. The entire cosmos is in the presence of God. He is not in everything as pantheism teaches, rather everything is before him, in his presence: Every invisible sub-microscopic atom comprising all the celestial bodies, including planet earth and our bodies and everything upon the planet is clearly seen, known, and controlled by the creator God. Even the position of every atom in the vastness of space, and its ultra sub-microscopic parts are always visible before God. We're talking about an incredible, unfathomable number of invisible atoms of which everything is made. Therefore, elementary reasoning tells us that every human being on planet earth is always an open book before God: nothing escapes his pure glaze. We are ever exposed in his presence. The psalmist tells us that God knows our words before they are ever on our tongue (Psalms 139:4). This suggest that every secret operation within our brain/mind-- our thoughts, reasoning, imaginations, desires, and will are an open book before God, being read every moment of our existence. God does not have to look into our brain, rather, our brain in all its operations are always before him...he sees our actions contrived in our minds. We conclude then, that all our thoughts and actions are like actors on a stage with an audience of ONE at every performance. Who is that ONE in the audience every moment of our life. He is God.

Rev. Emmitt Cornelius

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