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The Master Artist

In every large city in America there are art museums, especially in places like New York City. Those museums display a variety of the most expensive paintings by some of the world's greatest artist like Van Gogh and Picasso. Many of the works of art are worth tens of millions of dollars. Visitors to the museums stand in awe before the paintings, discussing such things as style, brush strokes, and magnificent colors. They describe the artist with words like 'genius' and 'masters.' However, there is an artist who makes the works of all the great artist look paltry besides his. In fact his museum dwarfs all museums combined. Regrettably, most do not bother to ponder the skill, colors, and ingenious strokes of the artist. The display is free of charge. It spans the entire planet, in fact, the universe. Zoos are set aside as special places to house some of his most spectacular and interesting subjects. Oftentimes he paints in the strangest places, for example, the sky, beneath the oceans, the jungle or in the dark caves. Undeniably, the genius of the artist is everywhere to be seen. Who is this genius that is both artist and sculptor beyond compare? Of course you recognize the artist as our almighty Creator God. The universe is his massive canvas. In it, He has rendered the most beautiful scenes. A master sculptor, he has fashioned species of extraordinary forms and capacities. He fills the air and seas with kinds that stagger the imagination. Beneath the earth are innumerable creatures hardly seen. Our God wants us to pay close attention to his works--To stand in awe of them; to talk about them-then to greatly rejoice that he has done such great things!

Gerald Cornelius

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