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When the rain stops

Sometimes it rains in our lives even to the degree of "pouring." But who in the world believes that each day will be sunny or every day will be Sunday. There is a saying, "Into each life some rain must fall." Without rain in nature, what would its course be? From whence would life come? What looks all "wet" may be the spark for a vision of what life really is about--flowering and fruitfulness. As we seek to dodge the rain with our umbrellas, all around is soaking it up, and tremendous things are happening, unseen: unwanted grass does what it is supposed to, flowers fulfill their name. The rain of nuisance and troubles must have positive effect if we would take notice. For example, was God seeking to tell me something? Did I hear, or merely open my rain protector to stop from getting wet and 'needing to change.' Always take notice of the gentle whisper of God's little raindrops or the roaring warning of his flood in your life. It's only his love getting your attention. When the rain stops and it's dry again, what have you really learned from getting wet? Will the lesson be heeded. If not, the next time may be the storm of your life never before experienced, the flood which may devastate your lifeways.

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