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You Must Be Born Again!

Obviously the only way to heaven is to receive the ressurection life of Jesus Christ and to be placed into the realm of his righteous character. His was not just good character but pure and unadulterated character, without stain or blemish. Only those whose character is pure, that is, without stain or blemish will see true life, now and evermore. Therefore we submit, that the overriding goal of life is to possess eternal life. There is an everlasting death which the Scriptures call "destruction from the presence of God"(2 Thess. 1:9). Another way to explain this is to be separated or cut off from the presence of God for eternity. In the presence of God only, is joy and true pleasures. The so-called happiness and pleasure we experience in this world are but a shadow, if that, of the true essence. The shadow fades and is no more. The reality is forever. Which would you rather possess? Satan's trick is to make it appear that the best is now, but God's best is yet to come. It is partially revealed now, but soon will be fully manifested. Satan and the culture he controls will be found out to be liars, unfortunately, for many it will be to late. Regrettably, the majority will not submit to God's way. They see his way as being suspect, constraining, and boring. How utterly foolish. For so they reject the only WAY of hope in time and eternity. Many will never see the light, and for that they will spend forever in that horror called "outer darkness"(Matt. 8:12). What is Jesus' answer to man's problem. He said, ye must be born again(John 3:7)

If you would like more information on how you can be born again click the link

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