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Cornelius Brothers Media is committed to serving Jesus Christ, the church and missions around the world using the gifts, tools and resources that God has so graciously provided to us. Our ultimate goal is to do our part in getting the truth of the Gospel to those who need it the most; the lost. Our parents always taught us how to live according to the instructions that can only be found in the ultimate guide to living, the Bible. The world may say that our guide is outdated, antiquated and out of touch. But we know that the Word of God never changes, yet remains ever relevant and always in touch with a world that is overrun by sin and degradation. We simply want to do our part.

Welcome to Cornelius Brothers Media.


Cornelius Brothers Media seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who will hear. It is also our aim to encourage Christians to sell out to Christ and to live abundantly for Him.


What we do is very simple: We create. We use video, articles, graphic design, music, story-telling and more to present a story that is older than time as we know it. Media is our canvas.


Our community is made up of those who love Jesus and those who are seeking after Him. We invite you to become a part of this ministry and allow God to use you right where you are.

New YouTube Series Coming!

Coming Soon. The new docudrama "STORY" presents real life stories that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that you won't soon forget. After watching the first episode you will see the people you pass every day in a whole new light. What's your story?

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