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There are two words being noised abroad in the culture, especially by political candidates of one sort or another. Those two words are "conservative values." Those words are spoken as if they have the same eternal value as God's word, at least some seem to see them on a similar authoritative level. There is a vast difference, however, between the conservative, or any values of men, and the unchanging, unalterable will of God. Though some may be valid, men masquerade their values as God's in order that they may have validity, and the prevailing culture will look to them as the standards to live by. Only God's values are perfect, unquestionable, and abiding. Only God's biblical ethics are absolutely authoritative. The Church must bear responsibility for not making the obvious differences known, and more important, to make the culture aware of God's moral ethics. Many simply do not know what God requires--even many church goers. Therefore they have nothing to compare man's values with so they can know where to draw the line, and be able to determine where a believer must take his or her stand. The Church must announce God's will at whatever cost and not play the role of coward facing the giant, rather, she must be a David challenging the mighty opponents of God's eternal will whoever or wherever they may be.

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Christians seem to be coming under attack by the enemies of God now more than at any time in recent history. It is not by frontal assault as in previous times, but by religious deception. The Bible warns that Satan appears as an "angel of light". In too many cases, the false angel (Satan) is not detected and wreaks havoc in Christians lives and in the Church of God. In other cases, there is a deception that is not directly of Satan, but by the unsaved who manage to infiltrate the lives of believers and who come into the Church as members. These people do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior nor his mission for the Church. The problem, too, is the lack of discernment by many believers who are not able to detect the enemy's subtleties. God will grant the believing community the necessary wisdom and discenment if we are faithful to him. He loves his people and wants to see them spiritually healthy in order to fight the fight of faith and spread the gospel. This can only be done if we allow his word to direct and strengthen us. How do we do so? We must read and study his word, obeying and applying its truths daily in our lives. We must walk in the light of his word in order to see where we are and where we need to be. God's word, through the Holy Spirit, will teach us how to recognize the sin within and the enemy without. His word will direct our personal cleansing through confession and repentance of sin, and show us how to maintain the purity of our own lives, and of his Church. We will then be able to recognize and guard against the invasion of this ungodly culture.

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Love me hate me

No matter what God's graced me

Shown his love through the darkness

Shined his light, when hate was at its best

Lord will you please take away the pain

To live is Christ to die is eternal gain

Your life giving blood poured into my veins

Sins so calous, meet love so sweet

Remember what you sow, one day you will reap

Stripes on my back, do I turn the other cheek

Stripes on his back, he was the slaughtered sheep

Tears of blood, still I cry

Why so many of my people had to die

Lord have mercy how sweet the sound

The Lord granted mercy, so i'm no longer bound

Up from the grave, he lifted me

So now I laugh at your hate and bigotry

Sun goes up, Sun goes down

Shines on all of us, white, black, or brown

Got a secret for you, God sees us all the same

We're all born sinners, from the cradle to the grave

Hope you realize, we all have one hope

And that's the blood of Christ

Nothing less nothing more

What must I do to make you see

That to live by hate is hopeless insanity

But to overcome hate with love blesses humanity

So let's wake up before it's too late

And the love is eaten up by all the senseless hate

Together we stand, divided we fall

May the grace of God be upon us all

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