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Love and Hate

Love me hate me

No matter what God's graced me

Shown his love through the darkness

Shined his light, when hate was at its best

Lord will you please take away the pain

To live is Christ to die is eternal gain

Your life giving blood poured into my veins

Sins so calous, meet love so sweet

Remember what you sow, one day you will reap

Stripes on my back, do I turn the other cheek

Stripes on his back, he was the slaughtered sheep

Tears of blood, still I cry

Why so many of my people had to die

Lord have mercy how sweet the sound

The Lord granted mercy, so i'm no longer bound

Up from the grave, he lifted me

So now I laugh at your hate and bigotry

Sun goes up, Sun goes down

Shines on all of us, white, black, or brown

Got a secret for you, God sees us all the same

We're all born sinners, from the cradle to the grave

Hope you realize, we all have one hope

And that's the blood of Christ

Nothing less nothing more

What must I do to make you see

That to live by hate is hopeless insanity

But to overcome hate with love blesses humanity

So let's wake up before it's too late

And the love is eaten up by all the senseless hate

Together we stand, divided we fall

May the grace of God be upon us all

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